Dear World: Love, The Prince of Wales

Here it is folks, the Official Royal Wedding Program -- from the Prince himself!


Official Royal Wedding Program


There's nothing like an Official Royal Wedding Program in your hand, while you watch Prince William and Kate Middleton say "I do" and officially swap spit, streaming LIVE online.


Download your own free copy of the official program in PDF format.

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Royal Wedding Live Broadcast -- Watch Online Free

Here's your Royal Wedding invitation from the British Monarchy -- get front-row seats right here.


Special Full LIVE Broadcast Here at ReallyPop:


UPDATE: The wedding is officially over. Missed it? Here's the replay.


UPDATE: Kate looked stunning in her wedding dress. See the Pictures here!


UPDATE: The Limited-edition Kate Middleton dolls are soon to become sold-out at The Franklin Mint.



Times have definitely changed since Princess Diana's Royal Wedding day. More than 2 billion around the world are expected to tune in to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. But a huge portion of those viewers won't be watching on TV, but online and free.


So stay tuned for updates, and with permission from the British Monarchy, watch the grand historic event LIVE along with commentaries via YouTube on April 29.


Check what time wedding starts in your local US time zone.

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Royal Wedding Time in US

History will be made on April 29, 2011.


Royal Wedding Time in US


You'll definitely won't want to miss this epic event when Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot. But there's one tiny problem -- there's almost no information available about the actual time it's going to go down -- in jolly good ol' US of A time, that is. So let's solve this big mystery here and now.


What will the royal wedding time in the US be?


The Actual Wedding Time:


US West Coast - 3:00 AM PST
US Central - 5:00 AM CST
US East Coast - 6:00 AM EST


Here are a few things all royal fans should definitely note:


If you are also interested in watching everything from the very first start, guests will arrive 2 and 1/2 hours prior to the actual wedding time. As for the Royal Wedding procession, that will begin 30 minutes BEFORE the actual wedding time.


Watch On TV Channels:


BBC America
12:00 AM PST, 2:00 AM CST, 3:00 AM EST


1:00 AM PST, 3:00 AM CST, 4:00 AM EST


2:00 AM PST, 4:00 AM CST, 5:00 AM EST


Watch Online:


If you prefer to watch the Royal Wedding online, you'll be able to watch it streaming, broadcasted LIVE right here at ReallyPop.


Tell a mate. Cheerio.


UPDATE: The Royal Wedding Official Program can now be viewed here.

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Sarah Shahi's Twitter -- Bashes Paris Hilton

'Fairly Legal' star Sarah Shahi took to Twitter to bash Paris Hilton.


Sarah Shahi Twitter

It all erupted on Good Friday, April 22 when Sarah tweeted about a near-collision on the road between the two female drivers.


Sarah, 31, tweeted:


Sarah Shahi Ranting Paris Hilton


"Paris Hilton — worst driver ever," continuing with "Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around that corner, you dumb b****."


Her ranting against the 30-year-old socialite didn't stop there.


"Paris Hilton — horrible excuse for a human being," Sarah continued. "What an irresponsible person…what a lame existence. I wouldn't be as pissed if I wasn't a mom."


The Paris bashing on Friday included Sarah calling Paris Hilton a "blonde piece of sh**," and ending with her tweet that Paris should "apologize to humanity."


Talk about a Good Friday.

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Confucius Says: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

We don't know if the Chinese philosopher Confucius is rolling in his ancient grave. But one thing is for sure -- the dude's 31-foot bronze statue mysteriously rolled out of Tiananmen Square on March 15... just weeks after being erected facing the famous portrait of Mao Zedong.


Confucius Tiananmen Square


Dude was probably simply blocking the red sun.


But even if the statue were to come back...


Can 2 tigers share a mountain?


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Maundy Thursday -- Queen Elizabeth II Turns 85

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her actual birthday on Maundy Thursday.


Queen Elizabeth II

A big smile is what Elizabeth II showed the world as she attended services for Maundy Thursday, aka Holy Thursday. And, why wouldn't she sport a grin? Her Majesty has two joyous reasons to.


As she's celebrating her 85th birthday, there's another grand occasion The Royal Family is looking forward to -- The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a marriage which she officially approved. Cheers...

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[VIDEO] Heather Morris 'Esquire' Dance -- Strips Down!

'Glee' star Heather Morris demonstrates her flexible body parts for 'Esquire'.



The former Beyonce backup dancer strips down to just a tight and see-through unitard and gets down to songs from The Kills, The Strokes and more all by her self. We must say -- her teasing dance moves speak louder than words.


Heather's boyfriend is a lucky dude.

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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Dating

It's official. 'Twilight' star Nikki Reed and 'Idol's' Paul McDonald are dating.


Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Dating

"Yes, me and Nikki are dating. It's officially true," Paul told E! "She's super cool. She's super smart so I'm happy with it. We've been hanging out here and there. We're both pretty busy, but it's been fun so far."


26-year-old Paul first met Nikki, 22, at the premiere of 'Red Riding Hood' a month ago. And about him being eliminated from 'American Idol' last night, Paul told People that Nikki is not bummed about the vote-off.


So we just have to ask...


Is Nikki consoling Paul, or is she simply being honest about his singing?

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Kate Middleton -- Wearing Nothing Butt a Bikini

The beautiful princess-to-be, Kate Middleton peeled off everything except her tiny white bikini.


Kate Middleton Bikini Ibiza Spain 2006


Sure, some 327 million royal wedding-related photos are expected to be taken on digital cameras next month when Kate Middleton and Prince William elegantly tie the knot in London.


But the recently re-surfaced photos of the 29-year-old Kate stripped down to her bikini straps on a yacht while in Ibiza, Spain with William back in September 2006 -- will always remind us of the Kate underneath the English long sleeve gown.


Kate's Butt:


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'Glee' Star Lets College Boyfriend Ride Her

23-year-old 'Glee' star Heather Morris gives her boyfriend a piggyback ride.


Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell

Heather and her college-baseball-player boyfriend Taylor Hubbell were extremely playful as the couple relaxed at the Pelican Hill resort in Orange County, CA on New Year's Eve.


Whether or not Taylor swings with wood often, it goes without saying that he's definitely in a position to score a home run for the team -- Batter up?!


We're just sayin'...

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