SEALs Killed Bin Laden - 'Geronimo E-KIA'

The operation to kill was code named '' which is also the name of famous Native American Apache tribe leader.


Seals Kill Bin Laden Geronimo


Following the break-through, after finding Osama Bin Laden, the messaged back to headquarters the word 'Geronimo'. After the SEALs killed Bin Laden, the second message was, 'Geronimo E-KIA' -- which stands for Enemy Killed In Action.




But we must ask...


Was naming the operation 'Geronimo', politically correct?


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Being an enrolled Native American, as well as an American Citizen, with a deep respect for history and my ancestors, I was very disappointed and angry that the name of a very, very honorable man who stands as a symbol of Native American resilience to genocide was used as a code for the most hated terrorist in the world. I highly doubt the name of any black, white or Asian historical figure was considered in the selection of codes for this particular operation. Native Americans have historically had the highest number of enlistments in every U.S. war (in comparasan to the size of our ethnic populations) and are the main reason anybody was able to survive or thrive in this country, yet direct racism towards us is often ignored or overlooked because it is so ingrained in non-native american culture that it has become a social norm. For the record, we are not honored by being made into mascots or sports teams either ;)


I'll have to agree with Noel. It's just wrong.


Great Point, Noel! It reminds me the movie of " the last of the Mohicans"

I'm well aquainted with the American Indians. My Great Grandmother and ancestors before her were all Cherokee. I truly feel that the American Indian no matter what tribe should be recognized as people who are strong and should be proud of their heritage. Geronimo was a great leader. It does not matter the tribe that was observed and honored. It only matters that honor and respect was given by using his stature for a major military Operation. In fact this goal saved lives of soldiers and citizens alike. The United States of America can't keep going on letting any violent acts or people continue to be on their missions. There is no time for anything other than the good of all mankind. If there is a problem don't leave the house. No one in this world awaits the like of these people with open arms not to think that they may be targeted next. So I stand behind the use of Geronimo as the name of the mission.

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