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Heather Morris Leaked Photos -- Nude 'Glee' Star?

25-year-old Heather Morris is the latest celebrity to become victim to having their cell phone hacked and racy personal pictures leaked on the Internet. A series of photos surfaced online Sunday night (we are including a link to the complete set of uncensored photos provided at the end of this post) and appear to be of the popular 'Glee' star. Many of them feature a completely nude blonde who bears a strong physical resemblance to the actress.


Heather Morris Leaked Photos

We are not certain yet which photos are in fact of Heather and which aren't, if any at all. But does it really matter? Boobage is boobage.


Heather Morris Nude


That said, here are the 27 uncensored photos that leaked. You be the judge.

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Blake Lively -- Nude Photos NOT Lively

There's one thing Blake Lively knows well -- and that's gossip. While the 'Gossip Girl' star has not denied the authenticity of her recent photos with Leonardo DiCaprio, she wants you to know that the nude photos spreading online... are 100% FAKE.


Blake Lively Nude Photos Fake

Coincidentally, we did notice a REAL photo (SHOWN ABOVE) of Blake Lively taken a few years back using the exact iPhone and case as the ones shown in the fake photos purporting to be of her.


Blake Lively Nude Pics


According to her rep, "Blake Lively has never taken nude photos of herself."


See for yourself the photos (uncensored) that are causing all this controversy.


In your opinion, do you believe it's Blake Lively?


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'Glee' Star Heather Morris Busts Out Her Bikini

First came her famous erotic dance video for 'Esquire.' Now 'Glee' star Heather Morris peels down to a 2-piece bikini to drop the jaws of 'Women's Health' magazine's 10 million readers and her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell.


Heather Morris Bikini Pictures


Dancing in a see-through unitard or rockin' a teeny, weeny swimsuit -- Heather's smokin' hot. On newsstands May 24th.


See next photo

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Sarah Shahi's Twitter -- Bashes Paris Hilton

'Fairly Legal' star Sarah Shahi took to Twitter to bash Paris Hilton.


Sarah Shahi Twitter

It all erupted on Good Friday, April 22 when Sarah tweeted about a near-collision on the road between the two female drivers.


Sarah, 31, tweeted:


Sarah Shahi Ranting Paris Hilton


"Paris Hilton — worst driver ever," continuing with "Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around that corner, you dumb b****."


Her ranting against the 30-year-old socialite didn't stop there.


"Paris Hilton — horrible excuse for a human being," Sarah continued. "What an irresponsible person…what a lame existence. I wouldn't be as pissed if I wasn't a mom."


The Paris bashing on Friday included Sarah calling Paris Hilton a "blonde piece of sh**," and ending with her tweet that Paris should "apologize to humanity."


Talk about a Good Friday.

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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Dating

It's official. 'Twilight' star Nikki Reed and 'Idol's' Paul McDonald are dating.


Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Dating

"Yes, me and Nikki are dating. It's officially true," Paul told E! "She's super cool. She's super smart so I'm happy with it. We've been hanging out here and there. We're both pretty busy, but it's been fun so far."


26-year-old Paul first met Nikki, 22, at the premiere of 'Red Riding Hood' a month ago. And about him being eliminated from 'American Idol' last night, Paul told People that Nikki is not bummed about the vote-off.


So we just have to ask...


Is Nikki consoling Paul, or is she simply being honest about his singing?

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'Glee' Star Lets College Boyfriend Ride Her

23-year-old 'Glee' star Heather Morris gives her boyfriend a piggyback ride.


Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell

Heather and her college-baseball-player boyfriend Taylor Hubbell were extremely playful as the couple relaxed at the Pelican Hill resort in Orange County, CA on New Year's Eve.


Whether or not Taylor swings with wood often, it goes without saying that he's definitely in a position to score a home run for the team -- Batter up?!


We're just sayin'...

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Blake Lively -- The Lively Open Nipples

Puffy, chilled, big -- call 'em what you want, but they're undoubtedly very lively nipples. 'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively watched the US Open on Sunday with co-star Penn Badgley with an extra pair of eyes.


Blake Lively Nipple


The rest of us watched the lively pair out in the open (we mean Blake and Penn).


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Do you consider yourself an expert on female nipples? See what our nipple poll results are saying!


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