Blake Lively


Blake Lively -- Nude Photos NOT Lively

There's one thing Blake Lively knows well -- and that's gossip. While the 'Gossip Girl' star has not denied the authenticity of her recent photos with Leonardo DiCaprio, she wants you to know that the nude photos spreading online... are 100% FAKE.


Blake Lively Nude Photos Fake

Coincidentally, we did notice a REAL photo (SHOWN ABOVE) of Blake Lively taken a few years back using the exact iPhone and case as the ones shown in the fake photos purporting to be of her.


Blake Lively Nude Pics


According to her rep, "Blake Lively has never taken nude photos of herself."


See for yourself the photos (uncensored) that are causing all this controversy.


In your opinion, do you believe it's Blake Lively?


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Blake Lively -- The Lively Open Nipples

Puffy, chilled, big -- call 'em what you want, but they're undoubtedly very lively nipples. 'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively watched the US Open on Sunday with co-star Penn Badgley with an extra pair of eyes.


Blake Lively Nipple


The rest of us watched the lively pair out in the open (we mean Blake and Penn).


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